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this is my portfolio it is a combination of both college work and drawings that i did in my spare time.





20170514_231024This is designs which i have done for a band called Black Sky Eclipsed, i created different logos and designed ideas for their band shirts which i will be creating in summer.









Semester 2: Cook Book Sketchbook

This is photos of the work that i created in my sketchbook it includes work from software skills as well.

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Semester 2: Figure And Life

This is some of the work that I did for figure and life, it includes features of the human face, feet and hands. i have done full body, body standing, sitting and repose.

Semester 2: Project

This page is for the work that i did in semester 2 it was for the project subject that we had with Sheila, for this we had to pick between myth or history and i decided to do a piece on Jack The Ripper.

Project Sketchbook

Semester 1: Surface Decoration

Colour study from outcome 1 for surface decoration

Sketchbook work from Surface Decoration

for my final i did a painting on canvas of 2 macaws, feathers in the background, the blue boarder made the colours stand out more, so that the boarder was not just a bold solid colour i added a pattern of leaves. for this piece i used a mixture of acrylic and gouache paint.

The macaws are in a geometric design and are in warm and cool colours as well as the colours of macaws, i am pleased with how the birds turned out however i think that i could have spent more time on the boarder to make it look better.

Semester 1: Sculpture Work

Sculpture sketchbook which was done in semester 1, this is the work that i created in my sketchbook and the final that i created.


Semester 1: Printmaking Sketchbook

This page is for my printmaking sketchbooks, it is the work that i created in semester 1, previous to college i had not done anything to do with printmaking before. I found that i really like doing printmaking and i love how my prints and development turned out.

My finals for printmaking


20170514_231009I did red and grey to represent the red and grey squirrels in Britain, the background has got monster munch in it because i fed them monster munch at the botanic gardens trip and wanted to incorporate it into my final design because i really liked that trip.

Software Skills Work

This is some of the work that i created on photoshop and illustrator which is for my software skills and cook book design, all of the work that i have created will be towards the final piece that i need to create.

Shapes that i created on photoshop at the beginning of the year, this was using the shape tools and using the filler and colour pallet to change the colours, i used the rotation and scale tools to change the angle and size of the shape.

These are some of the tattoo machine designs that i created on illustrator using the same tools as the shapes, i decided to do a tattoo machine because the theme that i am doing for the cook book is festival.

I then went on to adding a plain background behind the images so that i could see which colours would work the best with the colour decided for the tattoo machine, this is the results.


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